It’s about to come – the ultimate shoe sex toy for shoes and feet

We are proud to announce that we have invented the absolute newest product of fetish toys on the market. It ist made to satisfy foot and shoe fetish fantasies. If you like what you read and see, than help us develop it even more for your desires. We consider it to be the ultimate shoe sex toy for shoes and feet.

You can send us an anonymous feedback or if you dare you can also send us a personalized statement and we keep it discrete and secret. But if you register, you will be given additional discount when we bring the product to the market. Moreover you will be one of the first to receive it – and you will be a premium/vip member for the time that the company exists which might be the rest of your life.


Be aware that this is no joke or no simple market study. We really will make this utlimate fetish toy reality as it is already patented. So if you are really into shoes and/or feet. Take a chance to be part of the early stages before the product goes on sales worldwide.

we love to lick them - don't we?

We hope to read from you soon. Survey is closed –  thank you for participation!

The ShoeSExperts.