Shoe-, Heel- and Footsex cultivated in shoejobs

Estimated 17 to 25 % of men are into legs and moreover feet and shoes. Many of them adore sexy shoes. But a small amount of about two to three percent love shoes and sex with shoes or cum on or in them. Which still delivers millions of sexual active men. Most do not dare to say that they adore feet and shoes. Some even have troubles in their relationships because of this. Thus we invented a new toy for couples or solo play. A shoe to make love with. Better to have shoe sex with. Actually the shoejob. A further variation of footplay.

This means we have found a way to cultivate sexual stimulation with shoes and/or feet. Moreover it creates the oportunity to combine a fetish or special addiction with fashion, design and modern loveplay or shoe sex!

If you want to be part of this development and want to help us develop the product into your desired direction, participate in our survey and register to get informed about the latest status of the project. Because it is going to be a revolution in loveplay with shoes and feet. Already now many requests and visitors are asking for previews of the new sextoy to make a foot- and shoejob cultivated with.

Sex with feet and shoes in normal life?

The foot as sensual sexsymbol in advertising

‘Feet are the new tits’ due to a known advertising guru. Take a look at advertisings around you – how often do you see naked or otherwise presented feet and sexy shoes of women? Sex sells and shoes are sending a signal of sex. So beeing into shoe sex is even a hot trend. Shoe Sex is quite a familiar action to foot fetish. Many men dream of having their penis between shoe and foot. A lot of image material in the internet challanges this desire by presenting mules, high-heels or other shoes at having shoe sex, shoejobs, footjobs or other forms of foot related sexual interactions, that often even lead to orgasms.