Who we are – ShoeSexperts Team

Who we are

The ShoeSexperts Team came together to realise a new unconvetional but great idea. We are:

  • a group of entrepreneurs, consisting of men and women(!) that has an already patented sexoty in form of a shoe,
  • and a well mixed bunch of academic enthusiasts with the most different professional abilities from technical, over design, from marketing and strategy, usability to sales from handcrafting and materials to chemists with PhD. In total we have big networks and a lot of support from official sides and the shoefetish and footfetish community. So we are people that are able to bring your hottest shoe dreams to reality,
  • as we are deeply dedicated to what is the future of this fun shoejob, heeljob and footjob toy,
  • and care about you and your wishes.
  • We know that this is in fact a huge niche – and with the patents peding in many worldwide countries, but already approved ones in the essential big markets, we hold the keys to that niche – as no one so far has ever had the idea before.

starting to measure the foot

Designing shoe tools starts with the foot.

The reason for us asking you to contribute to our project is – we want to reach out to get your feedback and participation to get you into the process and design the tool you love. It will be on sale at the end of this or start of next year. And we will for sure reward you for taking some actions. If you register, you will be first to be informed about our progress and how far we could adapt your wishes and expectations.

So keep on track and be part of a completely new revolutionary sextoy. Register today and get lucky. 😉

Your ShoeSexperts Team.  😉